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Premium Chicken Coop
Deluxe Chicken Coop

Deluxe Chicken Coop

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Villa Chicken Coop

Villa Chicken Coop

$349.00 $219.00

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Premium Chicken Coop Plus
The Grand Barn Walk In Chicken Coop
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Super Castle Chicken Coop

Super Castle Chicken Coop

$1,628.00 $1,219.00

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The Standford Chicken Coop
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Deluxe Run - For Deluxe Chicken Coop
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Premium Plus Run

Premium Plus Run

$244.00 $209.00

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Villa Run - For Villa Chicken Coop
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Huge Castle Chicken Run

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My Chicken Coop is your one-stop, online destination for premium quality pet products : chicken houses, coops, cat enclosures, and rabbit hutches. We ensure that we put quality into everything that we sell, and you can feel confident that our prices are the lowest on the market. Browse our extensive range of chicken pens for sale so that you can find the perfect fit for you and your chooks. We offer many different shapes, sizes, and styles that fit in perfectly with youryour chooks' needs, without having to compromise on quality or pay more elsewhere. With our range, you can buy chicken pen products online effortlessly.

As an Australian-owned company, we’re passionate about providing our customers with premium quality chicken coops and various pet products that are custom made for the Australian weather. We stand by our high-quality customer support, as well as our great prices. With thousands of satisfied customers already, we're confident that we can help you find what you need so that you can have the best experience setting your chooks up for success at home in the backyard.

While our chicken pen Australia range may be fun to look at and come in varying shapes and sizes, we guarantee that each one has been carefully made with resilience, safety, and comfort in mind. Taking care of your chooks in the backyard is easy when you purchase a chicken coop with us.

Chicken Coop Features

Whatever your chooks like to do, you need to be able to provide them with security and comfort at the same time. They need a secure space to be able to roost, lay their eggs, and even play. Our chicken coops are specially designed with your chooks in mind, which is why they come in varying designs and styles, so you can choose one that is closest to your & your chook's personal preferences. All of our chicken coops offer a cozy box where they can nest comfortably, and the best part is that the roof which can be easily opened for access so that you don't have to enter the enclosure to get those precious eggs. Each chicken coop includes a tray that can slide out, which means that it's easy to clean, as well as a ramp that is made out of a non-slip material. All doors, windows, and vents, no matter what design you're looking at, have been placed carefully around the chicken coop to allow for good ventilation, as well as easy access. Most of our design comes with optional chicken run, so if needed to you can extend the run to provide extra room.

Each chicken house is made to withstand  Australian weather conditions. This is why we are very careful about what materials we choose to make them from, to ensure that they are going to last through all types of weather. The high-quality roofs are made of durable timber or asphalt material that is essential for natural insulation, which will keep your chooks cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We protect the outside of each chicken coop with galvanized mesh, which is resilient to all different types of environmental factors, including predators and bad weather. The enclosure itself is constructed from fir timber so that it’s strong, yet easy to maneuverer around your backyard.

Fast Delivery

Have any one of our chicken houses delivered to your door with a fast delivery service that can reach almost anywhere in Australia. Your peace of mind is guaranteed as much as our 100% money-back guarantee. The delivery of our premium range of chicken houses includes free transit insurance, as well as a tracking code that is sent to you after dispatch. Our money-back guarantee is inclusive of the delivery cost, so it's risk free to buy from us. 

Various Brood Sizes

When you bring chickens into the family, you want to ensure that they have more than enough space to roam while still being comfortable and safe. You hope to give them the space they need to roam outside, while still being protected from other animals that can roam free in the backyard. This is why we offer a number of different brood sizes for you to choose from:
1-2 chooks
3-4 chooks
5-6 chooks
6-8 chooks
9-12 chooks

Set-Up Procedure
Below are basic tips about the setup procedure for making sure that your chooks are happy with their new home.
* Plan Your Brood: because our pens come in varying sizes, it's going to be vital that you plan your brood before you buy, so you know how many chooks you'll need to house. If you brood is more of a hobby, two to three is a great number to start with. 
* Think About Your Space: you’ll also need to ensure that you know the dimensions of the space that you're working with. Make sure that the run and pen are going to be big enough for the number of chooks you plan on purchasing. Decide on the final location in your backyard before you commit to buying a specific size.
* Choose Your Coop: we’ve got a broad range of premium quality chicken coops to choose from, so at the end of the day, it's completely up to you when it comes to size and style.
* Assemble Your chicken coop: carefully follow the assembly instructions so that you can set up your chicken coop properly. We provide all nuts and bolts to assemble our coop. 
* Equip Your Brood Ahead of Time: as well as the chicken coop, your brood of chooks will need some other things as well, including bedding, feeder, drinker, a heat lamp, a heat source, and feed. Remember to ensure that you have enough storage space to accommodate your additional items.
* Set Up Your Additional Items: once you’ve got your equipment, set it up properly to ensure that your chooks have ample shelter, and access to both food and water.
* Buy Your Chooks: we advise taking a bit of time to research the kind of chooks that you want to purchase. There are many different breeds, so it all depends on how many eggs you’re hoping to get, what kind of temperament you want your chooks to have, and how much they’ll need to be able to withstand the occasional harsh weather environment. It’s worth doing your research and considering all your options, so you can find the best ones to suit your needs.
* Clean Your Pen Regularly: it’s important to keep your pen clean if you want happy chickens that produce lots of eggs. Set up a cleaning schedule, and use trays that can catch waste and clean out the nesting box regularly. It’s also a good idea to remember to check for eggs everyday and replace any bedding when it's required. A lot of the time, it's worth spending a bit of extra money every month, making sure that your chooks are comfortable at night when roosting.
You can’t force your chooks to lay eggs for you, but you can certainly do everything to make it easier on them. Healthy, happy chooks require a lot of water and food that is rich in protein. They also need a quiet, dark place to nest, as well as a high level of ventilation. With careful attention and care, your chooks lay egg for you.

The Benefits of Raising Chickens at Home One of the biggest benefits of raising your own chooks right in your backyard is being able to reduce your environmental impact. If you combine this with reducing your meat intake, you can end up decreasing your overall carbon footprint, as eggs laid in your backyard is less detrimental to the environment than their mass-produced counterparts. Additionally, when you produce your own eggs, you contribute to the local agricultural system, which is better than adding to the big agribusiness by purchasing eggs from the supermarket. Contribute positively to your community with our premium quality chicken houses. Read less
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